Image: (Kadle, 2011)

Our world today, is built around the technological enhancements continuing to develop in our world. Those born into the technological world today, are digital natives… they have access to all digital technologies, and have the skills to use those technologies more than those that have lived longer years. We are constantly surrounded by digital natives, we see children on iPads at restaurants, children at bus stops with phones in their hand, we watch children in the school classroom’s assist the teacher in working the smart board or using their laptop. Digital natives are familiar and interacting with digital technologies from a young age, born after and during the growth of digital technologies, they live in the world today and they exist.

Digital natives are present everywhere you look, in fact I am a digital native. Born into a world surrounded by technology, my ability to use and connect with digital technologies today is strong. When you stare at the public closely, you will notice that it tends to be the younger people holding the phone in one hand, and the iPad in another, than the older people. This is simply due to the concept that the younger people have been born into the world where technology has advanced, their interaction with these technologies is learnt from a young age, just like learning how to use a knife and fork is today comparable with how to Photoshop a photo or enter the passcode on the iPhone. The digital native’s high ability to use technology is simply trained into the everyday life from a young age.

This term ‘digital natives’ and their existence is an important aspect of children’s education today, and with this includes the high emphasis of the ability to relate to the digital natives. This concept of digital natives is a continuous cycle, as our world continues to advance and invent new digital technologies, then the digital natives in today’s society will become a digital immigrant, and those born into this further progressive technological world will become the new digital natives. The importance of a teacher, is strongly ensuring that keeping up with the changing technological advancements and how children are learning through these technologies, is used within the classroom, to ensure it is relatable to the learning style and needs of the children.


Image Reference

Kadle, A. (2011). 5 Myths about digital natives. Retrieved from https://www.upsidelearning.com/blog/index.php/2011/04/07/5-myths-about-digital-natives/


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