The progressing nature of the growth in technology today, is continuing to enhance the communication of humans all over the world.  Technological advancements are persisting to bring the world closer, the communication process becoming easier, from emails, to text messages to FaceTime, the way the world is communicating is becoming more and more interconnected. We see the way in which humans communicate today reach a rapid growth, now schools incorporated smart boards instead of black boards and laptops instead of books to communicate the learning facilities to the students, we see big companies communicate all across the globe in minutes and individual people communicating with each other via text instead of mail. I reflect on the way I communicate with people on a day to day basis, the process has become faster, easier, more efficient.

But with this growing technological impacts, we must reflect on the term Ethics. When you think of the word ethics, what do you think it means? Do you think about what is right and what is wrong, do you think of the impact and interests of those around and wider community, and the acceptance of society? Well to me that’s ethics in a nutshell.

When we think of the ethical issues related around the rapid changes of technology’s role in human communication, we think of the human aspects of life. The capability of access for those, the economic stability, the cultural barriers presented all over our world. With new communicational technological advancements, comes the barriers of access, such as contact to connection servers and updating software’s, aswell as the economic barriers consisting of the cost associated with buying, maintaining, updating, repairing the technology. Those who experience lower economic capabilities, have reduced accessibility to these technologies, consideration needs to be taken to ensure that improved communication through any device is accessible to all. The cultural and language barrier can impact on the way and changes in which humans communicate and must be considered to ensure that the access to these technologies allows is equal around the global, no language barriers of communication within these technologies and overall is acceptable of all cultures.


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