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The purpose of the blog created on this current web page your viewing, is to show my personal interest in numerous topics present in each blog post, whether it’s the revolving world of technology, the management of design projects, the important of reflection – each and everyone one of my blog posts relates strongly back to my growing education and interest in the profession of children’s education. To be a teacher requires more skills than you originally think of, you are constantly working with new children, needs, interests every year, and I’ve created this blog in the hope of discussing some of these different ideas and how some relate back to my future profession, and even me as an individual person, reflecting back on different topics and thinking quotes studied in my current uni degree.

The content that is being presented in my different blog posts, is focused around reflecting back on the different sub topics that I’m studying within my degree, drawing on their relationship with the profession of primary education, teaching styles and life in general, such as the rapid and growing change in technology.

The work contained within this blog, is entirely my own thoughts and opinions, anything used from other sources is clearly referenced throughout.



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